This tournament is held in honor of Brian Hess.  Brian is the former Woodlawn High School Basketball Coach who was injured in a car accident December 21, 2006.

The past six tournaments have been a great success thanks to all of YOU!!!   While Brian and Kimen are thankful that Worker’s Comp covers his medical necessities, there are daily expenses, therapies, and research opportunities that are not covered.  Over the past six years, you have helped Brian by allowing he and Kimen to seek out different avenues to further his recovery that would not be possible with out your support.  Brian has attended several sessions of intense therapy at Melanie Massey’s in Monroe, received Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and weekly neurofeedback.  We are now looking into a machine that could possibly help with his vision, called the Brainport.  This machine has helped the blind “see” through sensation in their tongues!!!   Technology is amazing!

Thanks again for your continued support and we can’t wait to see you at this year’s tournament!

~The Hess Family

P.S. Please know that medical expenses are covered by WORKER’S COMPENSATION.  This tournament is to help Brian, his wife Kimen and son Jacob with daily necessities to help pay for procedures, therapies, and/or research that are not covered by insurance.