October 5, 2015 @ Greystone Golf and Country Club

Each year, our family looks forward to our annual golf tournament. It’s a day where we celebrate Brian’s life and how far he has come since his accident….a day where so many family members, friends, and often strangers, gather together in support of Brian and his family. The love, encouragement, friendship and kindness you all show never ceases to amaze us. Most importantly, having everyone come together geniunely lifts Brian’s spirit in a way that is simply indescribable….for that we can never thank you enough. Your continued support is sincerely appreciated and we can’t wait to see you at this year’s tournament!

~The Hess Family


**This tournament is held in honor of Brian Hess. Brian is the former Woodlawn High School Basketball Coach who was injured in a car accident December 21, 2006.**

P.S. Please know that medical expenses are covered by WORKER’S COMPENSATION. This tournament is to help Brian, his wife Kimen and son Jacob with daily necessities and to help pay for procedures, therapies, and/or research that are not covered by insurance.


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